La Bodega

Un entorno inigualable para un vino único

Our cellar for winemaking and aging is in Masdache. It was one of the three original cellars of the Fajardo family. Built in volcanic stone, the 40cm thick walls maintain an even temperature and humidity which aid the making and preservation of the wine. Two main bodies conform the installations, the lagar ( where the grapes are pressed), and the bodega, or cellar, itself.

The lagar is taken up by a raised area, where the grapes are traditionally crushed, and by a traditional lagareta for the must. The lagar still houses the old destemmer and press, though no longer in use, they stand side by side their modern equivalents.

Fermentation takes place in steel tanks, then the wine is passed to oak barrels for the crianza, early maturing, and further aging process, already in the bodega, where the soleras and criaderas method is carried out.

1. Old destemmer.

2. Old grape pressing machine

(kept only as museum pieces)