Our vineyards

At the volcanic heart of Lanzarote: Masdache and La Geria.

The listán grapes for our wine LARA,  come from the family vineyard, which was once a third of the original Hacienda de la Geria. This is situated at the foot of the Chupadero mountain.

These ancient vines lie at the bottom of two meter deep, conical holes, excavated two and a half centuries ago in the volcanic ash.

As phytosanitary treatment powder sulphate alone is sprinkled on the plant.

The de Diego grape originated from two fincas, from the Spínola branch of our family, one situated under the Juan Bello mountain, and the other in El Rincón Montaña Negra, its treatment and production is similar to that of the listán in La Geria.