Tradición y pasión

We have followed the traditional method of solera and criadera. The bottled wine comes from various añadas, or annual harvests. The wooden barrels are placed in, at least, three superposed rows or  andanas. From the lower andana, called solera for its closeness to the floor or suelo, the oldest wine is taken out and bottled; the amount extracted will be replaced by wine taken from the middle row, this quantity is subsequently refilled with an identical volume of wine extracted from the top row, and in turn replenished with the new wine from the year’s harvest. Through this traditional method the Vega Spínola cellar secures aging always superior to three years, in the case of our wine, LARA, the youngest harvest contained dates from 2009.

Apart from this LARA has been initially  matured under veil of flor. The veil or “flor” is a naturally occurring yeast cap on the surface of the wine inside the barrel, which contributes to the special characteristics of its aging.